Friday, May 6, 2011

goodbye usm

hello there !
i'm so excited because tonight i'm going home yeaaahhh !
oh finally i finish all exam papers
just wondering what i'm going to do at hometown for about four month
working is the best thing to do i think
but now i feel a lil bit sad leaving this place
i'm gonna miss my friends a lot and also my love one, my mister !
four month can't see you is a big deal for me :(
terengganu and kelantan is not a big distance actually
but then, i can't see you either..
*saye anak yang baik..just stay at home lah. 
i am a homely person.hehe

els girls 

 ni muka muka kusam after 24hours keep awake due to last minutes preparation for exam
this is the last hang out with you guys...for this sem.hihi

actually we are ten
but can divided to two part
five of us ni yg selalu procrastinate and not well prepare in whatever we

soul sista ! i miss you much.
long time no see T_T


hmm i already miss you guys.. 
bye all...
i love you
i miss you
i heart you
yes, all of you... <3

goodbye from me 
remember me and smile... :)
cheers !! ^.^

Thursday, May 5, 2011


i think mata i da rabun...uwaa...
how sad am i
i can't read the distance words anymore T_T
tamau takmau takmahu pakai sepekk.
wuuu -.-,

a nerdy me soon? no...

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

everyone has done their exam. me?
me me me not yet, still stuck in usm 
cannot go back yet
damn jealous seeing people dragging bags and stuff to their hometown !
what the heck
sabo jela
usm now being a mysterious place for me due to damn quite environment 
there are no more buses engine could be heard, there are no more foods in the cafe -.-

hmm.whatever happen, i'm gonna miss you guys soon !
bertapa for about 4 month in my hometown yayy ^.^

hang out with with friends would be a precious moments forever 

 nenek nenek si bongkok tiga, siang mengantuk malam berjaga 

bye and peace from me ^.^

Tuesday, May 3, 2011


 hey keje gilak ni keje gilak
esok paper, malam ni baru duk kalut bukak buku
skrg da nk dekat pukul 5
esok exam pukul 9 pagi
bala bala 
wish me luck tomorrow !
tido dulu goodnight world...

Monday, May 2, 2011

neighbours by karim raslan

That is one of the Karim Raslan's short stories in the Heroes 
ok, i won't mention about the author but i want to share the story of this book

The main character in this short story is Datin Sarina and she also known as radio sarina because her behavior. she love to stalk with others life and spread to another people. she is kind of neglected women because of her husband is always busy with his own schedule and same goes with her children. due to that, she tend to find another sources of entertainments with is gossiping and stalking people.

One day, she have a new neighbour named Kassim. He is a good looking guy with age not more than 35 years old. He is a lawyer, Datin Sarina was so excited having a new handsome neighbour. her new nieghbour was so pious and very concern about our religion. He can talk about religion very well and has a noble person. Datin Sariana was very impressed of him and ask Karim's wife to come to her house. and while taking about Karim's wife, he told Datin Sarina and Dato' Mus that his wife is related to Datin Sarina.

And another day comes, Datin is always sit in the verandah in her house and from that location, the master room of her neighbour house can be seen. she quietly stalk Kassim.hehe. From his varendah, she can see a women in the kassim's room. she feel jealous with that women because of her slimness and tallness. Datin Sarina thought the women with the small breast is a Kassim's wife. they are making love. but suddenly, Datin Sarina get a big shock when she saw that women has a penis also. 

p/s: teheee.this story is quite unexpected. that was one of the story that i had studied. and tomorrow is a literature paper, and i expect this short story will come out.

ahh i'm dead there are so many novel and short story have to review in only one night. hmmm.
procrastinate is me. bye.

this is karim raslan, the author that i told you earlier.
handsome tak?hehe
btw, he is malaysian. 
see ya!