Thursday, March 31, 2011

hey what's wrong

i just wanna state here that i feel very useless
and sometimes i feel like shit anyway
and i think this week is the bad week ever for me

test's result--->demn useless
assignment--->i have 3 or more assignments to submit by next week.
last public speaking result--->bad
test--->one more damn difficult test to go while everyone is enjoying their study week in advance at home

what the hell is going on with me, i just don't even know
my life is very chaos just like i live in the fantasy world
i just cannot focus in whatever i do and the bad thing is i just cannot answer the test questions. at all.
oh what a sad big girl am i... :(

and tomorrow morning, i went to the class wearing tudung terbalik
when i reach to the class, dr rita all of sudden ask me

'hidayah, what's wrong with your tudung?
are you just came back from indonesia??'

i just noticed when my friend told me that i was wearing tudung terbalik
gelak la gelak la banyak2 T_T
*macam malu je naik bus td mesti ade org perasan kot keanehan kat kepale saye.wuwu.

i think i have to go home
right now
i miss my parents damn much kot sampai jadi macani. :(

and whatever it is, i nak upload fotos sbb da lama tak buat keje ni.

as usual, before speech, nuha is busying prepare her material 
i already done all speeches, so i just tlg posing jela kat sini 

pisau tu pisau tu

just looking to that banana, it look yummy

misai bertanduk vs tanduk bermisai

macam kesian je gamba ni. =.=?

with course mate, classmate and pantai timur mate :o


this is candid by su actually, the peace is not sengaja terangkat while ekin is checking my tudung
actually, i don't know what she did.look serious btw.haha

tunjuk gigi berjemaah pulak accept for su.


mesra ria is me and i'm not gay or lessy btw

bcoz i think i'm lack of love.ngahah

and i need more love :)

my face is always damn blur.don't have to argue


p/s: even though my parents is far away from me for now, i think i'm lucky having you to cry on :)
with love and always with love...eida... :)

Saturday, March 26, 2011

i hate being a stalker

why i have to be kind of pathetic lil girl
hey wake up eida!
ne need to do that thing
don't ashame yourself by doing that 
you igt die tak tahu ke ha
tak pasal pasal terperasan lak nanti
ngahahaha.agak r
aaaa budus la budus la saye
what she or he means to you?
nothing right?
so, stop being a stalker.
promise.yes i promise.
no need to concern towards someone who doesn't care bout you at all.
what the heck then.bye

Friday, March 25, 2011

that so called man, boy, guy, lelaki

macam tak caye je 
baru baru ni duk ushar la fesbuk beliau alang alang kuar kat wall
tgk tgk haa haa kantoi
tak caye lah saye kat u 
maybe i'm wrong
but semua lelaki mmg camtu
jgn heran, same je sifat diorang ni
stakat ni three person near to me doing that
and i believe almost all of them same.hoho

*jgn tanya ape ye awak... :)

oh budak gemok. :p

hai pada sape sape...
cam da lama tak update blog
kind of busy lately with assignments, test and movies.muehehe
but a lil bit relief i have done all speeches.
lepas ni takde la pening pening lagi nk cari tajuk speech, nk kena hafal lagi, nk kena buat full essay lagi
it's not hunting me anymore yayy
rindu kampong actually
but then i have to stay here
until when?
end of semester la kot
i have no money to balik umah
cam sedis je cite saye.wuwu
haa boros boros boros memakang diri sendiri :D
alah, tak kisah sangat mum call me EVERYDAY
i da besar ler mak..ayah...haha
cam lawak pun ade tiap hari they called me.hoho
im fine~ :)
love you both lah <3
tapi budak budak gemok kat umah bkn nk ckp ngn mak sedara die pon
hampes betol
sombong ye ye ye nantilah u all.xmo kawang!

p/s : asyik nak makan je ni..hihi

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

follow me

aahh lega abis sume speech 
then kena follow ngn assignments lak dah
bila nk free btol2 nih
report, saimen, japong, test.

Monday, March 21, 2011


hai, i have test tomorrow but i'm doing nothing
and now i just pretending that i have such a clever brilliant shiny little brain 
oh bad habit of mine
n i hate being like this

Friday, March 18, 2011


aaa macam tension je speech terlebih masa
ai, lama kot aku merapu kat depan 
seriously, i can't hear si penjaga masa ketuk meja tanda da habis masa =.='
i thought i have a lot of time lagi tp rupa rupa nye da lama kot habis
nasib baik nampak cip bagi sign the time is over
nasib la kalo kena potong markah pon
sbb dr raja pon ley noticed over limit time.
nvm, one more speech to go n after that, i'm free!

a piece of paper did work sometimes*

but i'm not a loser anyway ^.^

cip n me 

p/s : td tengok cite  battle of lost angeles 
for me tak best

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

so yesterday

teringat lagu zaman2 skolah dulu
sbb tu letak lagu ni la
saye suke hillary duff sebab belaiu sangat suwit macam gula gula dalam gandum.eheh

so yesterday, i went to qbay
*almost every weekend kot pegi (xde tmpat lain ke nk ajak saye date? ) :p
tp bkn date pon.haha
*after lunch he suddenly bring me out.
sehelai sepinggan je -.-
so nothing to said

hai, saye makcik kebayan dari manir.haha

ok say hello first. FIVE!

mercu tanda queensbay ^.^

hoho. wondering why am i so into you =.='


ok jom balik.

and this is a magic bag.i found it.

bye. :p

Sunday, March 13, 2011

this is my own personal blog

FYI, this is my own personal blog and you, yes YOU, have no right to keep complaining what should i posting and for whom i'm posting for
you have no right. at all. got it?

and FYI jugak, i have no one to talk to 
and i have no one to listen to my own shit problems 
and i also have no one to be with me when i needed 
so YOU better keep in mind 
and i have considered all the risks when i posted something.

and for your information lagi, yes YOU again, WRITING IS MORE SINCERE THAN TALKING
everyone can talk anything, yes anything !
but, i wrote by heart and and i talked by mouth only.
it could be right, it could be wrong
but writing is perfect, i wrote anything from the bottom of my heart.

keep waiting

hai, i feel like shit waiting for you for the whole night


boo to the hoo to you who keep me waiting like shit like me like never like waiting boo to me again and again

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Friday, March 11, 2011

the 'postpone week'

hey hey this week banyak class postpone 
hoyehh n hoo noo.. =.='

pada suatu malam saye revise bersungguh sungguh sebab got test on tomorrow 
setibanya saye ke clas selepas almost an hour, we are informed that test was cancelled 
ergghh.macam penat je kena revise balik nt =.=

pada suatu hari, saye mmg xde niat pon nk p class ni 
dan tut tut dengar kabar angin class tu cancel jugak
hoyehh.nasib baik tak pegi.hehehe

pada suatu hari, bertempat di kafe saye sedang gemuruh jiwa dan raga menghafal script speech dan sangat tidak berpuas hati karena dpt num last kena present
uwaa.mati la gugup kalo paling last.trouble2.
tut tut sedang enak melayan kueh mueh kat cafe, tetiba my friend sampai menyampaikan berita bahawa speech that day was cancelled because dr Raja is not well.
postpone net week
tak suke.
igt nak bersenag lenang dah because public speaking is always hunting me almost every week.
what a unlucky day again.. =.='

*syndrom kejap dpt tw speech xde 

dan pada suatu petang, saye sedang enak tido dan syarifah sekuat hati woke me up to go to the japanese class
and i dengan segala kemalsan plus kemengantukan plus kekuatan yang tak seberapa berjaya bangun bersiap to the class
sedang enak berjemur bawah cahaya matahari while waiting for the damn lembab bus tetiba i got one message informed that class was cancel
huhh...macam rugi je tido saye tadi... =.='

nihonjin ja arimasen..
*buta huruf lg x reti bace tulisan tu  T_T

that was so called the postpone week ever
looking forward for the following week
i hope there are no postpone anymore
kalo cancel terus xyah ganti2 mmg r bahagia hidup kejap

bye mates ! 

sesi simpan gambar....--->


with love..eida~

p/s:x faham ape motif n  niat beliau, igt da ikhlas nk kawan ngn kite.
wuwu.whatever la, x kisah pon :)

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Some day

some day you will cry for me like i cried for you
some day you you will miss me like i missed you
some day you will need me like i needed you
some day you will feel the pain that i had 
some day you will hurt like you've hurt me 
some day you will realize that you can't even live without me
some day you will realize that i mean everything to you
some day you will realize that i've done anything to make you happy
some day you will regret you've treat me like hell

and some day you will love me but i won't love you no more 

--->love can make you happy but often times its hurts like hell
but love only special if you give it to who is worth 

and for the women out there, please...don't you ever cry over someone that won't cry over you
let them realize that you're not a weak ones, prove to them that you are strong !
you are stronger than yesterday indeed !

p/s:do appreciate your partner before its too late 
and do be careful with your words that you utter to them because sometimes its hurts so much.

by heart...eida...

babai korang....!
cheers...! ^.^

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

sympathy unneeded

is it my destiny being ignored when i need someone to talk to?
yes indeed 
yeah i know you got so much more important things to take care of 
go on do your work rather than care bout me
i'm just fine 

mak...sedih............... :((

suke sangat ley gayut lama lama lama ngn mak n ayah td 
i love you both !
a lot <3
i miss you like dying :(
i need you so much.

p/s: hai, saye sedang meroyan n emo sorang2 kat bilik :(
its so called PMS T_T

Monday, March 7, 2011

the mysterious dr.

dr saye sangat misteri orangnye
today supposed to have a test 
but unfortunately dr was not coming..
*penat i copy note kat meja :p

we are waiting for him almost an hour and he did not answers our call 
oh yehh
it is something wrong happen?
tut tut td kwn i ckp dr da message da kat one of my classmate but he didn't notice the message
haish. macam2 lah you ol nih

so pape pon, test tetap test 
tak suke, nt kena bace balik *sbb maklumat yg sye bace ley tahan sejam je :p

hey look at janetta, she's revising :)

me too okay...
*fake je nih

*jgn hari jumaat sudah -.-

daa... ^.^