Thursday, March 10, 2011

Some day

some day you will cry for me like i cried for you
some day you you will miss me like i missed you
some day you will need me like i needed you
some day you will feel the pain that i had 
some day you will hurt like you've hurt me 
some day you will realize that you can't even live without me
some day you will realize that i mean everything to you
some day you will realize that i've done anything to make you happy
some day you will regret you've treat me like hell

and some day you will love me but i won't love you no more 

--->love can make you happy but often times its hurts like hell
but love only special if you give it to who is worth 

and for the women out there, please...don't you ever cry over someone that won't cry over you
let them realize that you're not a weak ones, prove to them that you are strong !
you are stronger than yesterday indeed !

p/s:do appreciate your partner before its too late 
and do be careful with your words that you utter to them because sometimes its hurts so much.

by heart...eida...

babai korang....!
cheers...! ^.^