Tuesday, March 1, 2011

empty mind

holly shit 
what the hell is wrong with me
dear almighty, help me.begging.. :(
every night before i sleep, i just think to be a good person when i wake up
i wish i can manage my daily schedule very well
i wish i will not wasting time
i wish i tak tinggal solat anymore 
i wish i can give full concentrate during lecture
i wish i wish i wish
and the result is NOTHING
what a sad am i
i just empty
i don't know
i feel like empty 
and empty

where is everyone ?
friends--doing assignment, preparing for speech, reading novel
boyfie---currently at lab doing his fyp 
they all i have here.
but what about me?
me---empty, doing nothing, i am suck.yea..suck.that a suitable word for me..suck !

i just cannot handling my self 
i feel like stupid



  1. hoi, haha
    masuk lah
    yg tu i mean yg ade kat sini skrg lah
    tahpape ko ni
    lab u eh <3 :)