Thursday, May 24, 2012


Selamat pagi and Assalamualaikum semua.. :)
Feeling bored during last tutorial time.
And..uploading this picture :)
ok ok Dr. Hajar da bersuara
k bye salam

Secondhand book store

Salam all. :)
*tak tau la all tu tuju kat sape.kat sape2 yg tersinggah kat sini la ye.

I was so excited today because i da berjaya pergi kat secondhand book store tu hoyehh. Da lama mengidam nak datang sini tp takde sape tahu tempat ni kat mane. At last one of my friend, Nuhara brought me to the bookstore because she'd ever went there before. So she knew la where the place is. We actually did not plan to go there at first. It was unplanned. We just went makan2 at Perangin Mall after the class, then i was thought about the bookstore is not so far from there. So we decided to go there walaupun Nas dengan kakinya yang terhinjut2 baru lepas accident katakannn..kat Bali lagi kau.haha.

Ok da sampai kat bookstore ni. I was so happy and excited seeing the timbunan buku2 kat sini. I was drowning in the book. This bookstore is at Chowrasta Market, located in the centre of George Town. Near the Penang's Police Station. 

ok pic ni was copied from other blog coz i was forgot to snap a picture due to over excited tgk buku2 kat situ..hehe

drowning in the books.wohoo!
*ok ni pn pic curi.cani la rupa kat dalam tu. :)

i bought these. :)
macam nak beli sume td.hmm.

It is fascinating!! I could spend all day in this bookstore. :D 
Nanti nak p lagi borong byk2! 

ok goodnight and happy reading! 

Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Assalamualaikum. hello world.
I was going to do my assignment tonight, but i haven't finished doing nothing from yesterday and the day before yesterday n the day before before yesterday. I wish i was't lazy like this. I only have a week to do my last assignment for my final year in beloved USM. But never mind, time is always waiting for me. :P
But now it's already 1am in the morning.ohh come is easy.just be cool and steady. *cool hotak hang la kan saimen tak sentuh lg. I'm officially hate myself for being lazy.

*Selamat berpuasa pada yang berpuasa. :) *iklan bulan rejab jap

Today i learned something about life. Thanks to ijah for asking me to go out with her. When i was in the rapid, uncle tu cerita macam2 about life. I'm just stay quiet and let izah chatting with him. He told that nothing is easy in life. and bla3 byk lagi.malas nk mention.

And their voice is whispering and fade away over my imagination. I looked surrounding and my eyes memang duk singgah kat rumah2 banglo kat kawasan tu je. Alangkah indah kalau im one of the owner rumah2 tersebut. I guess almost of the bungalows in that areas kepunyaan cina. ok aku jeles ngn kekayaan dorg.hehe
Btw, kejayaan tak datang bergolek kan. There must be usaha and ketabahan.ehek ehek ehek
*boo pd diri sikik.cakap macam bagus.assignment pn tak start2 lagi duk merapu kat sini.

Ok skrg aku jeles kawan2 aku duk tweet pasal assignment ni. Hey hello, i pun tengah menaip jugak ni. Tp kat dalam blog.kihkih. Skrg juga nak tido sbb can't wait for class tomorrow. Al maklumla kelas dua hari je seminggu. Tu la masa nak bermesra2, nak pukul2, nk cubit2 kawan2 pn.

Goodnight and Assalamuaikum 

Monday, May 21, 2012

pizza time with Nanzan's buddies

Salam all..

It's been awhile since the last time we saw each other. i mean the Nanzan's buddies except for my roommate la siang mlm duk ngadap muke die.hehe. so it's kind of reunion for us la but unfortunately two person are M.I.A. syarosa n sorg lagi nama pe tah.ha, zul.

Million of thanks to Puan Azlina for treating us a great lunch. ^.^
*selamat duet aku tgh pokai ni.heh.

cik ijah memilih menu dengan sedapnya

aumm ijah da tak sabar sabar nampaknye.

thanks to amie n aiman sebab sudi angkut kami yg kura2 ni kat aman.

n thanks to Puan Azlina for fulling my tummy ^.^
*Puan Azlina yg tudung pink tu.sebelahnye aida.hehe

yummeh yummeh 

ok kenyang.boley balik semua. :)