Thursday, March 31, 2011

hey what's wrong

i just wanna state here that i feel very useless
and sometimes i feel like shit anyway
and i think this week is the bad week ever for me

test's result--->demn useless
assignment--->i have 3 or more assignments to submit by next week.
last public speaking result--->bad
test--->one more damn difficult test to go while everyone is enjoying their study week in advance at home

what the hell is going on with me, i just don't even know
my life is very chaos just like i live in the fantasy world
i just cannot focus in whatever i do and the bad thing is i just cannot answer the test questions. at all.
oh what a sad big girl am i... :(

and tomorrow morning, i went to the class wearing tudung terbalik
when i reach to the class, dr rita all of sudden ask me

'hidayah, what's wrong with your tudung?
are you just came back from indonesia??'

i just noticed when my friend told me that i was wearing tudung terbalik
gelak la gelak la banyak2 T_T
*macam malu je naik bus td mesti ade org perasan kot keanehan kat kepale saye.wuwu.

i think i have to go home
right now
i miss my parents damn much kot sampai jadi macani. :(

and whatever it is, i nak upload fotos sbb da lama tak buat keje ni.

as usual, before speech, nuha is busying prepare her material 
i already done all speeches, so i just tlg posing jela kat sini 

pisau tu pisau tu

just looking to that banana, it look yummy

misai bertanduk vs tanduk bermisai

macam kesian je gamba ni. =.=?

with course mate, classmate and pantai timur mate :o


this is candid by su actually, the peace is not sengaja terangkat while ekin is checking my tudung
actually, i don't know what she did.look serious btw.haha

tunjuk gigi berjemaah pulak accept for su.


mesra ria is me and i'm not gay or lessy btw

bcoz i think i'm lack of love.ngahah

and i need more love :)

my face is always damn blur.don't have to argue


p/s: even though my parents is far away from me for now, i think i'm lucky having you to cry on :)
with love and always with love...eida... :)

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