Saturday, April 2, 2011

messy head

i feel like screaming loudly yelling to everyones 
this is a final week before study week 
but i have a lot of works to do by this wekk jugakk
botak la kejap ag 

monday: novel, due date lit. assignment 

tuesday: nihongo listening test again.*3 times listening test.demnn betol.
wed: critical reading and writing test O.o

thurs: drama, due date japanese assignment

can you imagine how busy am i right now
*tp sempat je bukak blog n facebook for sure.hui 

my life just like refugee
aaa i hope this week will end soon 
bai bai bye

p/s :  procrastinate will bring you to death 

1 comment:

  1. semek..
    suka gmbo last..
    ala2 lady of shalott gitewww :P