Sunday, April 17, 2011

it's not so called study babe

hi there...
what the heck betol la
her her her
woke up at noon, open the the slides,
10 minutes the faceBOOK
then sleepy....----.....sleep tight...
woke up again, starving...out, looking for some food to eat
ok, i'm back....and i'm full and feel sleepy again
then me sleep again;;;;woke up, oh da nak maghrib, hmm baru je niat nak bukak kan kan, tak baik study waktu2 macam ni haa
tunggu maghrib dulu la..pas maghrib nt nak study
hmmm..erkk?wait and see
and you know what?
i hate myself for being like this everyday!
haish. +.+
hmm..actually kan, today kan.hmm tak jadi lah nak tulis.
cite bende lain jum
actually i just done removing unknown friends on facebook
huih, and i just realize there are too many unknown friends listed
so, i decided to remove them because i don't know you, and you also don't even know me
i think you didn't even notice that you have been removed
and now..i just keep friends of mine, friends of mister, family and those who keep in touch with me ^.^
i think there's no point to keep them if we don't even know them :)

ok ok mode on.shhh.daaa

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