Monday, April 11, 2011

optional question is easier?

who said the optional question is easier compare than an essay question?
of course not for me 
for me, the optional question is more difficult
i mean too much difficult 
the question could be a, b, c, d and we have to choose either one of them
if you are on the right track, you are lucky
but if you got a wrong shoot, you are in trouble, yes damn trouble
in addition, the questions frequently confusing 
there are no sympathy or empathy in this case
in a meanwhile, the essay question have more consideration 
lecturer or teacher may considered your answers 
even you got it wrong for some parts, you still have chance to get a mark
i wrote from my own experience
i got kind of bullshit result answering the optional questions
so, if you think you are lucky having paper in optional question, you are totally wrong !

hye, im struggling for the final exam
wish me luck mates !
i wish i can back up my test's result

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