Wednesday, April 6, 2011

i'm not a cat lover

comey gile ah kucing nih

ohhh don't look at me like that baby catty 

and don't keep staring at me coz i'm melting 

catty: ok fine you tak suke i, ade aku kesah 

look at all those cats, damn cute isn't it?
yahh of course they all cute than you.keh3.
actually, I've ever be a cat lover for a long time ago, but then i'm not so in to cat now..
i have a cat before, when i was about 10 year old 
at that time, i love my cat so much, i used to called him 'long'
i can't remember how i got that name 
when i called his name, he seems understand that i'm calling him and he comes to me immediately 
however, since he's missing, i just don't love cat anymore
ironic right?
he's missing until now on
mase die hilang dulu, sadis gilos sanggup cari ngn ayah haa
but now, sorry to say, i just don't love cat anymore
jangan tanya kenapa sebab i also can't figure out why i'm not a cat lover anymore 

...........missing you 'long'.........

p/s : long...kalau you terbace ni, tolong r pulang, i rindu kat you.
*tp i rasa u da mati la sbb ni kisah 10 tahun lepas dah.kalo u ade pon maybe u da tue nyanyuk dah. n impossible riwayat hidup u lame gile kot.bye

1 comment:

  1. mmg sedey ble kucing hlang.. huhu T_T ira cat lover dri dlu smpi skank so ble tgk post psal kucing xsabo2nk komen.. haha mcm xikhlas jerk.. ==''
    p/s : Hope u still long for ur LONG.. heehe
    fhm x? ==''