Wednesday, April 13, 2011

night chill

night chill with mister, ebah and her sister
just wanna take some fresh air out there
so, we spend time together watching movie, hang out blablabla at qbay
and photos also

cycle your life


just cool

build climbing

who's taller :p

kahkah.gelak dulu.
this pic have a very damn funny story behind 
when i enter my head in the shark mouth
few second later, it's moving automatically 
terkujut munyet den
and guess what?
ade auntie cleaner (indian) at sebalik game sebelah sane duk sakan gelak kat aku
nasib baik tak ramai orang da mase tu, kahkah.malu den
ape lagi, blah r lepas tu.hee.. v(-.-)v

pakcik ni always put his hand on my head sambil tepuk2
igt i ni kucing ka?haish

with ebah and her sis

just Q can be see

hey world.. :)

same nose.hakhak.kejam kejam

and this is compulsory
pic in the toilet must be snap 

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