Friday, April 8, 2011

jangan lupe skrip

i'm ready to be alone here :)
final exam just around the corner
i just wanna take a deep breath for several days before start revising everything
huh~ now i can feel relief for a while 

yesterday i've done my last assignment which is drama for the japanese class
i feel like stupid in front. kah kah 
we all not well prepared because of minggu tu busy giler kot dgn assignments, test and so on
so berterabur la mase kat depan tu dgn tak igt script nye sume
pape pon, da abis, lega giler.hehe

blur......this is the only pic
tu la haa soeda sensei kami
sporting tp skema bab2 marking nih.
only five of us malay and the rest are chinese 

and for mister, good luck for your fyp presentation
jangan stress2
i'm promise tak buat hal sebelum you betol2 settle semua
*lps tu boley la.kehkeh

p/s : bangun tido je gatal hidung, gatal muka. haaaccumm!

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