Tuesday, April 26, 2011

dedicate to my BFF

yeah...believe it or not, i miss you
we are just like sisters 
we always fighting
yeah..all the time
hmm..igt lagi tak mase kite gaduh besar kat skolah dulu
everyone can noticed sbb we used to be pegi mane2 together, xleh berenggang pomm
hmm.our bittersweet memories will bear in my mind forever 
and i hope so do you

you are one of my bff at my hometown
but now...i think you're not the same
i miss the old biba -.-
hmmm.everyone changes
it does happen to everyone
nothing to write more
bye T_T

biba n me---> syawal 2010 ^.^

psstt..bff kite si lela majnum da balik hoyeh.nt rumet sesame ag ye.. :D
imissyou also lah! ^.^

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