Tuesday, March 1, 2011

red is hot

red is hot
i'm not saying that i'm hot
the red's colour is hot okey...got it?
ok good then :)

i think i'm fall in love with the red stuff 
ho yehh
yeah, i think so
i just noticed my stuff like baju byk yg warna merah after green n yellow of course 
merah makngah.her3

there are some pictures in red

testing my strength by angkat budak kecik tu,
tp tak larat. she's quite heavy.hehehe ^.^

credit to abg photographer yg poyo tak ley blah >.<

its stair to heaven :)

kami in blazer :)

els buddies :)

els buddies lagi :)

 els buddies jugak :)

i'm the leader
ho yehhh ^.^
look at the back, they solute me. :p

sexy mexy pose from syarifah :D

no caption -.-

the sweet haifa.. :)

main2 dengan tiang :p

hey look at her *that girl infront 
jealousy face from me n cip

ce teka berapa tinggi saye?
kalo betol i bg gula2 kapas :D

me in red :)

damn ugly pose.har3 :D


lets come home 

kindly spot my sleepy eyes again -.-

all those pictures were taken last few days
it kind of els photoshoot 
unpredictable photoshoot kot

bye peeps !
cheers ! :))

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