Tuesday, March 8, 2011

sympathy unneeded

is it my destiny being ignored when i need someone to talk to?
yes indeed 
yeah i know you got so much more important things to take care of 
go on do your work rather than care bout me
i'm just fine 

mak...sedih............... :((

suke sangat ley gayut lama lama lama ngn mak n ayah td 
i love you both !
a lot <3
i miss you like dying :(
i need you so much.

p/s: hai, saye sedang meroyan n emo sorang2 kat bilik :(
its so called PMS T_T

1 comment:

  1. saya ada bf
    bf saya sayang saya sangt sangt
    saya ada gf
    gf saya pun sayng saya sangat sangat

    bf = abah
    gf = mak