Friday, October 22, 2010


kejadian semalam da berjaya entertain me so much !
she is very freaking weird. wink* lol
i knew her from the start tp saje je nk layan dia tu..
alaa kalo stakat komen camtu kat fb bf org apa la sangat kn...
i knew her i knew her yayyy
at first i felt a lil bit envy but then i started to be excited playing that
bestt r... release je tension kat minda ni.wee~
she started to leave a kind off annoying comment kat status bf org
lor.. tu poor tactic nk bg org jealous je kot..nk saiko i r tu
she thought i'm easy to melenting n melatah kot
alaa cool r babe...
nk jealous pon bertempat r org kata kan..
since i knew her, i mean i da tw cane prangai ye tu..
so i layan jela
tp unexpected tol tetiba kawan2 i back up i sume
thanks ya !
syg korang sume :)
saja nk melibatkan diri lam such a funny game ever tu...
but she is very shameless for me, she hide from her innocent face to make people believe that she is kind like but the fact is she is a very annoying one.
ermm but she's not the one should be blame...
maybe her ex bf merangkap bf i skrg tu was her first love...
sebab tu r susah nak terima hakikat bf ye dulu tu was left forever
( sape suh wat hal ) kekekeke
thats why dia MEROYAN sana sini
that was my assumption je...
or maybe she got a strange hobby which is disturb people relationship
waaa kalo cani r, boley r tukar kerjaya nt-----------> perosak rumah tangga bersiri
eheh, talented wooo
tp i ase nk main ag r game ni...uhuk -.-
nk main nk main
buhsam ni~
at least she n i got the same hobby. heiheihei
i hope a got a chance to meet her one day
saje nk face it her face face to face eye to eye ;p
yayyy !!
btw thumb up to her coz make my day more shiny n bright  <3

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