Monday, October 25, 2010

nightmare !


i woke up today and feeling everything was so wrong.
how come r?
hermm..i'm suppose to wake up earlier today and going to the last class for this sem..
tp hampeh tersasar bangun agak kelewatan..
actually i da sedar pon my roomate had woke me up because we are at da same class today..
tp i've change my mind to skip that class because going to buy ticket for HARI RAYA HAJI..
last night i dapat tw ticket PENANG TO TERENGGANU da SOLD OUT !!
oh tidakkk !!!
omg omg omg. hell no i duk terperap kat usm ni sorang2
uwaaa uwaa sob sob tskk tsk :'(
it will be a NIGHTMARE for me !
makkkkkkkkk nak balik nak balik.............! T____________T

tak kan r aku nak korbankan masa aku duk sini....alone~
i am a loner.....uhuk

loner in isolated place

da r study week tak balik gak....
k r nak p cari tiket jap
i hope it still available 
one for me and one for him ^.^
pray for me -.-

hope it still available