Monday, October 11, 2010

shut the fu)k up !

xmo dgr xmo dgr 
so please keep stay ur mouth away from me or i rabakkan mulut anda
apa anda igt anda tu bagus sangat ka..hell no lar.buuu
tape tape, ni r balasan mulut aku lepas slama ni.hee huiii weee
so skrg rasakan ye the weirdo eida. haish. =.='
moral of the story :--- > dont u ever utter the awful bittersweet words or sayings to others bcoz u will get hurt back ! uhuk.
so, the best thing to give to your enemy is FORGIVENESS 
so keep smiling in whatever condition ( senyum2 kambing ) n face it with mind control.. ^.^

be cool stay cool~
yay tak marah pon yayyay

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